About Lapeng Student Accommodation

About Lapeng Student Accommodation: We offer affordable student accommodation near UFS. We have a one-bedroom flat & 2 student communes in Universitas.

We aim to offer affordable student accommodation near UFS for any student who have a dream to build a future.

About Lapeng Student Accommodation: We want you to feel that you have found another home. We want you to be comfortable, close to campus, and be safe with all the usual things you should find in a normal household.

We want you to live in a space where you can enjoy privacy when you need it, and be surrounded by students with whom you can share common interests.

Lapeng Student Accommodation is about keeping the massive living room, about keeping the huge lawn and trees intact, having a huge canopy outside the house where students can relax under the shade. This is what we do to make a house a comfortable place to stay at, not so?

There is an abundance of images about our communes on Facebook. Go have a look at them here.

About Lapeng Student Accommodation Bloemfontein Owner

As a former lecturer of Vista University and later of the University of the Free State, students and their lives became my passion. If there is anything I miss, it is my conversation with students and teaching them.

Student accommodation rentals has it's challenges, including the challenges a typical landlord and rental agency face. We are doing what we can to be fair but still remain compassionate towards students.

You can contact me anytime should you have any questions. I want our beautiful African country to become one nation where we are all seen, not as black or white or as colored, but as human beings. That's what we are! And there is an abundance of love and compassion here. Let us embrace and accept the beautiful spirit of South Africa and it's people.

Student Accommodation in Bloemfontein, Universitas

Affordable, neat and safe student accommodation walking distance from the University of the Free State.
+27 65 394 2426
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