Student Accommodation Application Tips

Looking for Student Accommodation in Bloemfontein? Applying for student accommodation can be a daunting task. Arriving on UFS Campus is overwhelming by itself. I have noticed what some of the biggest challenges are when students arrive in Bloemfontein and so, here you can get some great student accommodation application tips. Prepare these documents before you […]

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UFS Private Accommodation - FNB Banking Tips

UFS Private Accommodation students, save your money with good banking skills If you are looking for UFS Private Accommodation, we recommend that all students install a mobile banking app on their phones. Do that as soon as possible while still at home. When students pay rent for their accommodation with cash deposits, this incurs huge […]

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UFS Off-campus Accommodation: Capitec Banking Tips

If you are using UFS Off-campus Accommodation, we would like to share this with you. It is not for any reason that we share with you Capitec Banking Tips for Students. We recommend all students to install a mobile banking app on their phones as soon as possible. In fact, we recommend you do it […]

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Student Accommodation in Bloemfontein, Universitas

Affordable, neat and safe student accommodation walking distance from the University of the Free State.
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