Pricing for Student Accommodation near UFS in Bloemfontein. Find Rooms Available for Rent

How would you like to stay? -2021 Student Accommodation Rent Options

We have several pricing options for student accommodation near UFS in Bloemfontein. Choose an option best suited for you. 
NSFAS students are allowed to apply for sharing or single rooms UNLESS your grantor can pay the shortfall not covered by NSFAS. Please see our note below the pricing structure.

Pricing Table

NSFAS Students or any other bursary student are equally welcome. NSFAS signs an agreement with the student only and not with the landlord. At this point, UFS pays your rental allowance to you and not the landlord which puts us in a very difficult position. It is for that reason that we prefer NSFAS students get funding from family members and then reimburse them when NSFAS starts paying out in April/May. Such a member has to earn a minimum of R10,000 per month. Should UFS change it's payment structure and pay the landlord directly, we promise to adapt accordingly. Until then we would love to take you in with a monthly payment of R2000 (for sharing rooms) or R2800 (for single rooms) until your NSFAS bursary pays out. 

An alternative is to also apply for a student loan to cover your expenses for the first 5 months. You can carry your NSFAS balance over to the next year and have funds already for those difficult months and do not have to go through the same trouble each year.

Student Accommodation in Bloemfontein, Universitas

Affordable, neat and safe student accommodation walking distance from the University of the Free State.
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