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Looking for Student Accommodation in Bloemfontein? Applying for student accommodation can be a daunting task. Arriving on UFS Campus is overwhelming by itself. I have noticed what some of the biggest challenges are when students arrive in Bloemfontein and so, here you can get some great student accommodation application tips.

Prepare these documents before you arrive in Bloemfontein to ease the stress of being a new student.

Prepare the documents I am discussing here at home already before you arrive in Bloemfontein to ease the stress of applying for student accommodation.

If you are looking for Student Accommodation in Bloemfontein, ensure that you bring the following documents along. It can be a big hassle for your parents to go back home and send you documentation which you will need to get at Xerox on UFS Campus while standing in long queues. It will also require you to have additional funds available. It is very time-consuming for parents to do these administrative tasks through fax and internet cafe.

Completing the rental Contract

We have made this really easy for you.

Usually, if you have not filled in a rental contract before, prepare yourself for another lengthy procedure which typically takes another half-day out of your planning. But we have prepared a proper Student Accommodation Application for you which you can complete in the comfort of your home before you come to Bloemfontein already.

With all the info we ask you, we have all the required information to compile your rental contract for you and email it to you while you are still at home.

All you need to do then is to print your contract out and have it signed by yourself and your sponsors or parents, whoever will is willing to be responsible for you. You can fill in this application form here.

Please ensure that EVERYONE involved, initial EACH page of the rental contract. That is you and everyone responsible for payment and everyone who signs a guarantee for you.
On the last page of the contract, all of you must sign in full. Once you are done, you can email this back to me.

Tip: Scanning is cheaper than Fax. Your mobile is Free.

Here is a little hint. You don't need a fax machine or a scanner. You can easily install CamScanner from Google Play on your phone and take pictures of each page. Get it here

You can crop each page. Just make sure the photos are clear. Then you can use this email link to send the contract as a pdf file right from your mobile phone.

Tip: Get a Quotation

We have prepared a variety of quotations for you which you can easily download here. You can then easily just email your quotation to your bursary payer or your parents or anyone requiring it from you.

Tip: Do I only need to sign a rental contract to secure my room?

The contract alone is not enough surety to secure a room.

To secure your room, you will typically have to pay an application fee and a rental deposit. You may wonder why is that?

Well, we need you to be serious about securing a room. We have far too many students who are desperately looking for accommodation and we take every student serious.

Furthermore, you will find that most student accommodation agreements require you to sign a full-year contract. Students arrive in a short space of time. Many wish to get on-campus accommodation and look for alternative accommodation in case they eventually do not get accommodation on campus.

If we keep a room open for a student, it is very difficult for us to know if this student is not looking for similar alternative accommodation. After all, this is just natural and wise to shop around. Not all students are open in this regard. You will find, with any good rental agent that is worth his salt, this is the way it is done.

This is our way to also ensure we have a healthy business because if we don't we cannot stick to our own service delivery promises and offer you the best we can.

Tip: Documents required-Cash Paying Students

  1. Clear copy of your ID
  2. Clear copy of your student number

Tip: Documents required - Bursary Students

  1. Clear copy of your ID
  2. Clear copy of your student number
  3. Original bursary letter for payment of accommodation
  4. Results of the previous year (Only if you are using a bursary)
  5. Registered subjects of the current year (only bursary students)
  6. Updated statement from the institution before intake (Bursary students only)
  7. Students with outstanding balances from the institution will be a cash student

Each student needs to submit the following as well.

Tip: Documents required- Grantors (Persons Responsible for Payment)

  1. Salary slips
  2. Bank statements - 3 months' bank statements.
  3. Clear copy of ID’s
  4. Proof of residence
  5. Affidavit – authorization letter to allow students to stay at 33 Scholtz Street and that they will take full responsibility to pay the accommodation (form provided, fill in and sign)

If you have not applied for Student Accommodation yet, feel free to do so here now.

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