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UFS Private Accommodation students, save your money with good banking skills

If you are looking for UFS Private Accommodation, we recommend that all students install a mobile banking app on their phones. Do that as soon as possible while still at home. When students pay rent for their accommodation with cash deposits, this incurs huge banking fees. We want you to keep your money in your pocket. So we would love to give you some FNB Banking Tips for UFS Private Accommodation. Remember, you are now going to spend much more money than you were used to. While you were still staying under the care of your parents, they were the ones taking responsibility for that.

Withdrawing cash puts you at risk of losing your money or getting robbed. Banks also charge you a substantial fee for the privilege to withdraw a large amount of cash for UFS Private Accommodation. It does not stop there. When you deposit cash into your landlord's account for your UFS Private Accommodation, the bank cannot do it with automated systems. They need to pay an actual person to count your money and put it in the recipient's bank account.

You will find you will get really spoiled using a banking app because you no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to go stand in long queues to pay your UFS Private Accommodation and other bills. You will also get an SMS from the banking who will constantly keep you up to date with your balance.

We believe in empowering and educating our UFS students

We believe, part of a landlord's work is to empower, educate, and prepare its students and to be prepared for UFS student-accommodation and everything it entails. These are only one of the ways we help students having safe student accommodation near UFS in Bloemfontein.

The best part of it all... using the app is totally FREE plus making online banking payments with your mobile app is also free.

Specifically, we recommend you try Capitec or FNB's mobile banking app. To download the FNB app, click on this link and install it on your phone. To find out more about Capitec banking, read our post here.

You can even load airtime on your phone with a mobile banking app. You will find, as a student, you will need to use your time efficiently. And being a young adult, saving is certainly the best thing you can do from the second you start earning absolutely any income. Everyone needs funds for those unforeseen times.

Have a look here what the app can do. See how you can pay your UFS Private Accommodation bill. You can also read more about how to use the app here.

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